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Doctor's Appointment

Family too busy to get you there consistently? Think of us as extended family who will get you there 15 mins before and pick you up 15 mins after your phone call.

Private Outing

Try our priority level service. We are able to support your independence to the grocery store, social shopping, date night or trip to and from the airport.

Dialysis Treatment

You're doing it for you and your family. Leave the transportation to us! Our priority service gets you there 15 mins before and picks you up 15 mins after your phone call.


Consistency is key to getting back to life. Allow our priority service to support you! A friendly smile gets you there 15 mins before and picks you up 15 mins after your phone call.

True Vine Social Services


True Vine Social Services is a non-emergency medical transportation company that serves Lake county and surrounding areas in Indiana.

Born out of necessity because of the high demand for transportation, we are committed to being the bridge between our clients and their destination.

We strive to get our clients to their destination promptly and safely.

Reliable Transportation

We endeavor to be customer-service oriented, with our #1 priority being our clients safety, happiness, and overall comfortability. Our mission is to support and strengthen our community by providing the needed service and creating opportunities to promote a thriving economy.

Our Values

We value ourselves to be a professional and reliable transportation provider. We want our clients to have the best experience with us by being accommodating, providing timely transportation, and emitting a warm and professional rapport. We are accepting of all persons regardless of their race, gender, religion, financial, or physical attributes.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Rates

We are happy to provide rates that give you options amongst the local providers of transportation and support the local economy.

Support local business

We are proud to be a local business that can provide a needed service. Support us while we support you!

More than a ride

Enjoy a pleasant experience.


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