A business without the stress of "Figuring it out"

Our established business system will enable you to grow a cashflowing business in a short time.  With our support, a different lifestyle within your reach!

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Customers Testimonials

A Pleasant Ride

They were on time. It was nice to have a pleasant experience driving to and from my appoiment.

Confidential due to HIPPA

An Over The Top Experience

I like how they tend to my mother. They are timely and ensure that we both enjoy the experience; me as a care taker and my mother as a passenger.

Confidential due to HIPPA

On Time

They are able to give exact times for picking me up and keep them.

Confidential due to HIPPA

What Is NEMT?

Learn about the NEMT and how it provides an essential service in your community.

What is a license?

Learn how licensing can reduce risk and increase chances for success and profitability

Ready to learn?

WHY is NEMT RECession Proof?

Learn how this highly needed service will be around regardless of changes in the market.

NEMT + licensing = winning Combo?

Learn how a needed service and winning system is winning combo for you.

The Benefits

Proven System

Our proven system means less wasted time making mistakes, faster success and more profit.

Recession Proof

The need for transporting those in need of medical attention is not subject to a recession making this business recession proof.

Easy to Grow

Each additional van and driver becomes an duplication of the system. With great need in most locations, this can be easily scaled to a 6 figure income.

Learn about your business partner

Learn about Tavonte’ D. Hughes, his unique look at running  a successful business and his vision for supporting more entrepreneurs with solutions!

If you identify with the mindset and vision, we welcome you to learn more about the opportunity!

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